The Rock Fracture Knowledgebase is an Internet-based repository or a digital book / encyclopedia about rock fracturing and the resulting structures. It details how the formation, distribution, and petrophysical and geostatistical properties of fractures are related to their formation mechanisms and mechanics.

By Atilla Aydin, Emeritus Professor at Stanford University and Jian Zhong, a PhD student of Atilla. For more information about the authors, see About Us on the footer.

What our readers have said about the Rock Fracture Knowledgebase:

“Marvelous resource” -James R. Rice (Harvard University)
“A wealth of information” -John W. Rudnicki (Northwestern University)
“A great work of a lifetime” -Marco Antonellini (The University of Bologna)
“A great effort - I'll start using it for my course” -François Renard (University of Grenoble and University of Oslo)
"An amazing collection of information" -Peter Eichhubl (University of Texas)

A preview of the Rock Fracture Knowledgebase is available here (in a new browser tab). The Readme page in the footer provides information on how to navigate the Knowledgebase.

The full content of the Rock Fracture Knowledgebase is available by subscription. Individual subscriptions are available for $34.95/ two years or $21.95/yr. Multi-user subscriptions for academic research groups and libraries are $990/2yr or $625/yr. Multi-user subscriptions for commercial corporations are $1,900/2yr or $1,200/yr. For individual, academic or corporate subscriptions, see Contact Us.

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